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LARC Reservations for Core Facilities: Login

The LARC Reservation System allows you to make reservations for experiment rooms and animal computers in the Animal Resource Core facility for today and up to 30 days from now.

This reservation system covers LARC equipment and rooms 1508A, 1510, 1523, 1532A, 1533A, 1534A, 1535, 1535A and Anest1.

A map of these rooms in LARC can be requested by email from LARC Management (

  1. Enter as username preferably the name within your preferred email account.
    Username between 5 and 20 keystrokes; cannot contain spaces or "@".
  2. Select as password a single word
    • that contains between 6 and 20 keystrokes,
    • that contains at least 1 number (digit) but not as the initial keystroke,
    • that contains at least 1 letter, and
    • that is case-sensitive for the letters used.

Make a note of the username and password selected.
For a reset of username and/or password, contact the ORS Webmaster (see below).

You will be asked to provide your name, institutional affiliation, a contact phone number and a valid email address.
This information will be used by LARC to track institutional usage and to contact researchers in case of a scheduling conflict or emergency.

To contact LARC Management: email or phone (816) 235-5669.