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Message from the Vice Chancellor for Research & Economic Development

131219_Dreyfus_Lawrence_SBS_faculty_4100 (2)Welcome to the Office of Research and Economic Development at the University of Missouri – Kansas City!  The University of Missouri at Kansas City (UMKC) is an urban-serving community-based, research university providing a foundation to address the health concerns of today and tomorrow with discoveries and their application.  Our mission is to promote and facilitate scholarly inquiry for the betterment of society with a focus on issues that impact the Kansas City community, the State of Missouri and beyond.

 The UMKC Strategic Plan has set clear goals to Promote Research and Economic Development and to Lead in the Life and Health Sciences and the Office of Research and Economic Development plays a pivotal role assisting our researchers, scholars and entrepreneurs to attain those goals.   Interconnecting research and economic development ensures (1) that we take full advantage of translating research discoveries to practical applications, (2) that we are mindful of our obligation to provide solutions that positively impact the lives of Missouri citizens through education, healthcare solutions, and job creation, and, (3) that we intentionally engage in opportunities to expand our local and state economies through entrepreneurship and creative innovation.  Through these efforts we are continually exploring new means and opportunities to deepen our connections to Kansas City, the State and the region.

 Research projects conducted by UMKC investigators and our partners spans the entire spectrum from world-class basic investigation of fundamental questions (basic research) in natural and biological sciences to the applied and clinical sciences that are yielding significant breakthroughs in areas such as musculoskeletal biology, vision, and cardiovascular health.   We also engage in additional translational research efforts that promote collaborative solutions to problems in primary health care, as well as community-based health-care delivery.  In addition, UMKC is a member stakeholder in the Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute, and a partner institution in Frontiers: The Heartland Institute for Clinical and Translational Research.  These affiliations, and others, support our life sciences research efforts by providing a collaboration network and resources to support and conduct world-class life and health sciences research.

Our Office of Research Services oversees research compliance relating to federal, state, and local regulations that includes oversight of use of human subjects or animals in research.  We also provide pre- and post-award submission and management service.  The office oversees core facilities supporting research such as the Laboratory Animal Research Core.  Our Technology Transfer office supports and protects the intellectual contributions of our faculty and students. Our Innovation Center focuses on economical development and commercialization of UMKC's intellectual property.

Our website offers information and contacts to help with your questions regarding how we serve and assist UMKC and interact with our community.  Please feel free to contact me ( or 816 235-1520), or any of our exceptional staff members to find out more about the UMKC Office of Research and Economic Development, our strategic plan, or our new research initiatives and opportunities.

Thank you for stopping by and we look forward to hearing from you!

Lawrence A. Dreyfus, Ph.D., Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development

UMKC Research and Economic Development: “Translating Ideas into Innovation”