Research & Economic Development

Office of the Vice Chancellor

Receive an Award

The Office of Research Services will review and negotiate any grants or contract that are received from external sponsors and work with the project’s director and department during that process.

What if an agreement is sent to me directly?
Sometimes, the researcher will receive the award or notice of an award directly. Please don’t sign any agreement or deposit any checks.

In those cases, contact the Office of Research Services immediately. We will help you secure proper university signatures, negotiate fair and reasonable terms―all while preserving your relationship with the funding agency or sponsor.

Review & Accept an Award

When a notice of award is received, we review the following items:

  • statement of work
  • timeframe
  • amount of funding and cash flow
  • deliverables
  • protection of intellectual property and rights to publish
  • accounting and reporting requirements
  • reporting requirements
  • other fiscal and legal matters

We’ll work with you to make sure that the statement, funding, timeframe, deliverables, and other requirements are clear and appropriate.

For New and Competing Awards

ORS requires:

  1. Completed Financial Disclosure Form for all key personnel.
  2. Fully revised budget IF the awarded budget differs from the proposed budget.
  3. List of approval notices by Institutional Research Boards (IRB) and/or Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) in case of research involving human subjects and/or animas.

Non-Competing Awards

ORS requires a fully revised budget IF the awarded budget differs from the proposed budget.