Research & Economic Development

Office of the Vice Chancellor

Subcontract Part of an Award

UMKC’s Office of Research Service (ORS) prepares and administers subcontracts to corporations, other universities, nonprofits, and other organizations. If you need to create a subcontract with an individual, e.g. for consulting services, contact the Office of Business Services

Creating subcontracts

When your proposal is awarded, any subcontract(s) should be set up as soon as possible. Learn more about creating subcontracts where UMKC:

You can initiate the process of creating a subcontract for a proposal while the proposal is still under preparation or pending.

Processing subcontractors’ invoices

  1. Subcontractors send invoices to ORS.
  2. ORS reviews invoice amounts to determine if they are within budget lines and are appropriate. ORS then sends the subcontractor’s invoice to the PI for approval.
  3. By approving the invoice, the PI is stating that the work being billed has been done and the items billed are reasonable.
  4. After the PI approves the invoice, it should be returned to the post-award administrator who handles your division's grants and contracts.
  5. ORS will then process the voucher to pay the invoice.
A copy of the voucher will be sent to the PI.