Research & Economic Development

Office of the Vice Chancellor

Navigating Through PeopleSoft Pages

Initiate PeopleSoft Pages

In order to get an account set up in PeopleSoft, a proposal must be entered at the Proposal stage.  Faculty will need to work with their departmental research administrators to get the pages created, or request PeopleSoft pages here.  

New Sponsor Setup

If you need a new sponsor set up in PeopleSoft Pages, you can request that here.

Entry Delegate

An entry delegate is an inividual authorized to create and modify travel authorizations, cash advances, and expense reports.  One or more delegates can be set up by following these instructions.

Electronic Approval

Once PeopleSoft pages are created, electronic approval must be provided by the key personnel on the project, each key personnel's respective chair and dean, the Grants and Contracts Administrator, and the Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development. The creator of the pages will initiate the approval process and all parties will have access to approve their PeopleSoft pages at the same time.  If you have difficulty with the approval process, an instruction manual can be found here.

If there is a problem with the names that populate the approval section or a lack of names, or you have a new department or node to set up, please contact Linda Daugherty, Pre Award Manager at 816-235-5634 or
For questions about the entire Pre Award PeopleSoft process, faculty can contact their Pre Award Grants and Contracts Administrator. Not sure who that is? Check here.