Research & Economic Development

Office of the Vice Chancellor

Subcontracting Part of Your non-Federal Project

Please keep ORS informed and updated about all pertinent subcontract information.

When UMKC is the lead or prime organization, you will need to send ORS the following information from the subcontracting institution at the same time you send in your PeopleSoft pages.

1. Signed Letter of Intent to Create a Subcontract

The subcontracted institution will need to complete and submit a Letter of Intent to Form Subcontract on the institution’s own letterhead. (If applicable, the subcontracted institution may use its own standard Letter of Intent.)

The Letter of Intent should be signed by an official who is authorized to obligate resources.

2. A detailed budget for the subcontracting work, including a budget narrative

Remember that all subcontract costs (indirect and direct) are direct costs for UMKC and your research project.

The subcontractor may include indirect costs in their budget only if the subcontractor has a federally approved F&A rate.

3. The scope of work from the subcontracting institution

4. The subcontracting institution's federally negotiated F&A agreement letter

Ask the subcontracted institution to submit a copy of its F&A (indirect cost) agreement.   

5.  A Signed Financial Disclosure Form for All Key Personnel