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Expedited and Full Board Applications

  1. Complete the eProtocol electronic IRB application.
  2. Review the training requirements.

If the researcher is a student, the faculty advisor must be identified as the Principal Investigator.  The faculty advisor, as PI, must be the person checking the obligations at the end of the application.

  • Depending on the type of research, approvals by other UMKC compliance committees, such as IBC or RSC, may be required before research can be initiated.

UMKC Gift Card Policy

BPM section 220, went into effect on December 1, 2014, and is being added to the Business Policy Manual.  This section outlines new guidelines around the controls associated with the purchase and handling of gift cards.  Attached to this communication is a copy of the UMKC Gift Card Program Approval FormGift Card Log and Gift Cards UMKC Tracking Log, which can be used to assist with the documentation requirements.  BPM 216 is also included, as it has been revised as a result of the new policy.

Policy Summary:

1)      IRS Guidelines view Gift Cards the same as cash, regardless of dollar value. This means cards may become taxable income.

2)      Roles for the handling of the cards are similar to those associated with cash management.  The policy outlines those roles.

3)      Cards may be purchased only for approved programs.  One-off purchases will not be allowed.

4)      Accounting Services on each campus is responsible for ensuring the card programs are approved prior to purchase. 

5)      Show Me Shop has a new vendor enabled that allows for the purchase of gift cards.  The vendor is National Gift Card (NGC), and lists over 100 gift card options.

6)      Show Me Shop requisitions will automatically route to campus Accounting Services for approval before processing.

7)      If a department has a need that cannot be met with the cards available through NGC, the Supply Chain Campus Client Relations Manager (CRM) should be contacted to approve a method of purchase other than the Show-Me Shop.  Programs will still need to be approved by Accounting, as noted in #4 above. 

8)      Gift cards are not to be purchased with the pcard unless the program has been approved and the CRM has provided purchase exception approval.  Exception documentation should be kept with the pcard transaction receipt.

If you are not sure you need review by expedited review or convened IRB:

Consent Form Templates

Reference Documents

Fees for IRB Review

There are no fees for the review of the following research conducted by UMKC, Truman Medical Center (TMC), and Children’s Mercy Hospital (CMH) staff:

  • Unfunded research
  • Federally funded research
  • Foundation funded research
Fees for Industry-Sponsored Research

Fees for Industry-Sponsored Research

  • Fees do apply for industry-sponsored research conducted by UMKC, TMC, and CMH staff.
  • For Industry-Sponsored studies, the following fees are required:
  • Initial Submissions - $2500
  • Continuing Reviews - $1000

Fees for Research Conducted by Others

UMKC occasionally agrees to review research for investigators affiliated with organizations other than UMKC, TMC, or CMH. 

Fees for Research Conducted by Non-Profit entities may qualify for a 50%  or greater discount. Please contact the IRB for additional information.