Research & Economic Development

Office of the Vice Chancellor

Adult Health Sciences IRB

IRB Application

  1. Review the training requirements
    • All individuals listed on the study protocol must complete CITI training and provide CVs.
  2. Complete the eProtocol electronic IRB application.  In order to process the application, the IRB must receive signatures from all Investigators listed on the study.

If the researcher is a student, the faculty advisor must be identified as the Principal Investigator and must also submit the application forms.

  • Depending on the type of research, approvals by other UMKC compliance committees, such as IBC or RSC, may be required before research can be initiated.

If you are not sure you need review by the convened Adult Health IRB:

Supporting Documentation

You may also need the following documents to prepare your IRB application.

Reference Documents

Fees for IRB Proposal Review

There are no fees for the review of the following research conducted by UMKC, Truman Medical Center (TMC), and Children’s Mercy Hospital (CMH) staff:

  • Unfunded research
  • Federally funded research
  • Foundation funded research
Fees for Industry-Sponsored Research