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CTSA Master Agreement

To use a CTSA partner institution as the Reviewing IRB (thereby making the UMKC IRB the relying IRB), the UMKC Investigator must complete a Request to Rely Form (must be opened in IE).

To determine the appropriate reviewing IRB we use the following algorithm.  The first algorithmic option demonstrating a clear distinction between institutions should be the reviewing IRB.
  1. Magnitude of Risk – The IRB responsible for oversight at the site where the research procedures being conducted pose the greater magnitude of risk will be the IRB of record for the study.
  2. Site of Majority of Research Procedures – If there is no clear difference in the magnitude of risks between sites, then the IRB of record will be the IRB responsible for the oversight at the site where the majority of research procedures are being conducted.
  3. Site of Majority of Potential Human Subjects – If criteria 3(a)(i)(1) – 3(a)(i)(2) are equal, then the IRB of record will be the IRB responsible for the oversight at the site where the majority of potential subjects will be recruited.
  4. Affiliation of the Principal Investigator – If criteria 3(a)(i)(1) – 3(a)(i)(3)  are equal, then the IRB of record will be the IRB at the Principal Investigator’s affiliated institution.
  5. Recipient Institution of Grant/Funding – If criteria 3(a)(i)(1) – 3(a)(i)(4)  are equal and the Principal Investigator(s) has a dual affiliation, then the IRB of record will be the IRB of the institution receiving and processing the funding for the study.
  6. Special Considerations – If criteria 3(a)(i)(1) – 3(a)(i)(5) are equal, then the Principal Investigator should contact their IRB to discuss any  special considerations that may affect the decision as to which IRB should be the IRB of record.  The final decision will be made the IRB Directors at the Participating Sites. 

As a part of the Request to Rely you are required to submit:

  • Current CITI training for
    • Humans Subjects Research and
    • Conflict of Interest
  •  Conflict of Interest Disclosure (open this document in IE)
    • If you are using the KUMC IRB as the reviewing IRB they require more than completion of the UMKC Disclosure.  You must contact the KUMC IRB at 913 588-1240 or
  • If you are a UMKC School of Medicine student, we will confirm that you are in good academic standing to participate in the research.

IRB Authorization Agreement

There are situations that arise when UMKC researchers are involved in multi-site research or collaborative projects with investigators at other institutions. Such research requires IRB review by each site engaged in the research unless an IRB Authorization Agreement (IAA) is in place. An IAA is a joint review arrangement where one IRB relies upon the review of another qualified IRB to avoid duplication of effort. 

For non-CTSA partner institutions, collaborations typically involve the use of an IRB Authorization Agreement (IRB Authorization Agreement - must be opened in IE). 

For detailed information on what an IAA is and when it is needed, click here.