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Pre award cycle


To help ensure the agency guidelines are followed and submission deadline is met, the proposal including budget, PSRS and all other required forms must be submitted to OSP one business day prior to the funding agency deadline. 

Note: Our office cannot guarantee submission unless all required documents are received in the office 3 business days prior to the submission deadline.



Duty Principal Investigator (PI)'s Responsibility Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)'s Responsibility
Obtain and follow agency guidelines for submission X X
Notify OSP of intent to submit proposal X
Review RFP/RFQ terms & conditions X X
Determine and obtain required forms X X
Determine F&A and fringe benefit rate X X
Develop budget including any cost share X X
Complete Conflict of Interest form*, if necessary X
Provide DeptID authorization for all campus cost share commitments X
Email budget and justification to OSP for review X
Prepare Proposal Signature Routing Sheet (ePSRS) Upon Request
Assemble and review final proposal X
Prepare proposal cover letter X
Obtain University authorization on proposal & submit to sponsor X
Complete the Departmental Guarantee Form**, if needed X

*Conflict of Interest

**Departmental Guarantee Form (Pre-Award Request Form)


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Cost Share

Cost share or matching is the portion of the total sponsored program costs provided by someone other than the sponsor. All cost share must be agreed to by the department chair and Vice Chancellor for Research. Cost share commitments made by a third-party must be documented at the time of proposal. Before submission of proposals, cost share must be evaluated for reasonableness whether stated in dollar amounts and/or percentages. Whether voluntary or mandatory, the commitments made in the proposal and made part of the award are binding. All cost share must be properly verified, recorded and reported in the University accounting system.

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