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PeopleSoft Procedure Change for Multi Campus Proposals

Posted Nov 17, 2011

When creating PeopleSoft pages in situations where we are applying with a sister campus from the MU system, the procedure has been to enter the  sister campus budget in the line item Subcontracts Over $25,000 so that it didn’t capture additional indirect costs in our budget.  We would then request the sister campus PeopleSoft pages so that we can set up a collaboration between the campuses and allocate the revenue, once received, between the campuses.

The new procedure is that we are not going to include the sister campus budget in our budget in PeopleSoft.  Only enter the UMKC budget.  We will still need the other campus PeopleSoft pages at the same time we get your pages.  The two sets, together, should add up to the total requested from the sponsor.

If we are not the lead campus, we still just enter our budget into PS.  There is no change to that procedure.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Linda Daugherty, 816-235-5634 or