Office of
Research Services

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research - Office of Research Services (ORS) is a core element of the university's research infrastructure.

Our mission is to support the scientific, scholarly, and creative endeavors of the faculty and staff at UMKC.

  • Pre-Award Services provides proposal and budget development support services to faculty and staff necessary to identify, develop and submit external grant and contract applications, and administers internal funding opportunities (UMRB). 
  • Post-Award Services provides fiscal support necessary to responsibly manage funds awarded, consistent with University policy; requirements of funding sources and federal regulations; and time/effort reporting.
  • Research Compliance provide information and training for successful preparation for and ethical implementation of research within federal, state, local and institutional regulatory practices, including but not limited to, protection of human and animal subjects, hazardous materials, biosafety and HIPAA.
  • Office of Technology Transfer helps UMKC researchers share their discoveries with the world.
  • LARC is one of the facilities operated by ORS to support university research.
  • Faculty Awards from the UMKC Trustees are awarded annually for Faculty Fellow, Scholar, at the same time the N.T. Veatch award is also decided.
  • UMKC Innovation Center