Research & Economic Development

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University of Missouri Research Board (UMRB)
The range of awards is $3,000 to $75,000 for individual/collaborative projects or publication subventions.  UMRB awards are designed to be a bridge to externally funded sponsored projects.  Complete instructions and a link to the submission portal can be found here.  Official UMRB deadlines can be found here.

UMKC Deadlines for proposals are:
 1.  UMKC Data Form, abstract, and itemized budget are due to the Office of Research Services five (5) business days prior to the official UMRB deadline.  This allows us to know the volume of proposals that will need to be processed.

2.  The full proposal should be entered into the UMRB submission portal two (2) business days prior to the official UMRB deadline.  This gives us enough time to review proposals, request any changes that could prevent or delay the processing of the proposals by the Review Board and get them submitted on to Columbia.


1) The data form needs signatures from several people. Can I  submit a scanned file through email after obtaining all the signatures? Whose signature should I get for "research administration official"? I notice on UMRB web site that Dr. Lawrence A. Dreyfus is listed as designated campus official. Should I get his signature?

You should get the signatures of your chair and dean and scan the form to  ORS will process to ensure it is complete and give to Dr. Dreyfus to sign.

2) My understanding is the deadlines all mean before 5 pm on the date specified. For example, a full proposal needs to be uploaded to the UMRB system by 5 pm, 2 days before the deadline. Am I right?


3) Can I still make changes between the two day deadline and the UMRB deadline?

Your proposal should be fully ready to submit two days before the UMRB deadline.  At that time ORS will have between 40-50 applications coming in that will be reviewed for completeness.  ORS will submit them as they get reviewed.  If an error is identified in your application we will notify you and ask you to correct it.  However, you should not count on this time to be making changes.