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Office of the Vice Chancellor

Calculate F&A Costs

Most institutions have a federally negotiated F&A (Facilities & Administration) rate that is included in grant proposals.

These F&A costs, also known as “indirect costs” or “overhead,” help cover the real expenses of university operations that are necessary to your research but can’t be specifically attributed to any single project.

F&A costs cover:

  • depreciation of facilities
  • facility operations
  • allocation of shared services
  • components of division administration

UMKC's F&A rates do not affect the F&A rates of subcontracting organizations.

How to calculate F&A Costs

  1. Sum the total direct costs (= A)
  2. Take the total direct costs and subtract:
    • Equipment
    • Patient Care
    • Participant costs (possibly)
    • Alterations/Renovations
    • Tuition & Fees
    • Portion of the subawards (your subcontract or subgrant) in excess of $25,000 (of the entire project period for each institution).
    • Rental costs
      Now you have the modified total direct costs (= B)
  3. Next, Multiply B (modified total direct costs) by the appropriate F&A rate (C)
    B x C = D (the product of the appropriate F&A rate and the modified total direct costs)
  4. Add F&A costs to total direct costs to arrive at Total Costs: (D + A = total costs)
  5. All proposals should include F&A costs in their budget.

If you don't know if the grant you're applying to will use federal flow-through funds, call your Pre Award Grants and Contracts Aministrator.