Research & Economic Development

Office of the Vice Chancellor

Request Technical or Non-Technical White Paper Review


The Office of Research and Economic Development strives to support UMKC researchers in the enhancement of the scientific and scholarly quality of research proposals.   Researchers planning to submit formal funding proposals are encouraged to submit white papers of 3 pages or less for initial review.  White paper reviews serve as a benefical step in the proposal process by allowing researchers to receive preliminary feedback on their potential projects.

Researchers can choose to use either the technical or non-technical review method, or both.  A technical review will provide feedback on the scientific soundness, quality and integrity of the project.  A non-technical review can enhance the readability and appeal of your initial proposal.

Our faculty peer review group, and/or ORS Pre Award staff, will review your white paper and provide feedback.  Turnaround time is one week.  

Please be aware that proposal deadlines may make this timeline difficult during different times of the year.  We will inform you when we receive your request if this is an issue.
Based on your choice, the proposal will undergo either a non-technical or technical review, or both.  The technical reviews are provided by three university faculty, while the non-technical reviews are provided by the Pre Award office.  In both cases, the Pre Award office manages the reviews and will be your point of contact.  The link below leads to a page that provides further details on the purpose and construction of a white paper.  Example questions the reviewers will use to evaluate your work are also included.
Technical and Non-Technical White Paper Review Details