Research & Economic Development

Office of the Vice Chancellor

UMKC as Subcontractor

When UMKC is the proposed subcontractor for another institution’s research project, institutional authorization by the Office of Research Services is necessary at or before the time of the prime grant application. It is necessary for ORS to receive your signed PeopleSoft pages before we can create your letter of intent to form a subcontract with another institution.

Work with your sponsor insitution to determine the requirements for submission. Remember their deadlines may be sooner than the prime sponsor.  If a letter of intent to form a subcontract is needed, the Pre-Award Office will use information you provide online to create it for the sponsor.  After the letter has been signed by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Resesarch, we will return it to the UMKC subcontract PI to send to the sponsor.

Request a letter of intent to subcontract

The online information is submitted by automated email to ORS.  A copy of the email will be sent to the contact email address entered below.  The same email address will be used if additional information is needed.

The PI is responsible for submitting the letter, detailed budget, and a scope of work to our sponsor.