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Promoting Optimal Practice, OBA-NIH Conference, June 2009

  1. Welcome and Introduction
  2. Bayha: Introduction to NIH OBA and the History of Recombinant DNA Oversight
  3. Harris: Overview of the NIH Guidelines for Research Involving Recombinant DNA Molecules
  4. Harris: Current Requirements for IBCs in the NIH Guidelines
  5. Harris: Role of the Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee and the Protocol Review Process

    IBCs: Promoting Optimal Practice Now and in the Future
  6. Bloom: Framework for Leadership and Training of Biosafety Level 4 Laboratory Workers
  7. Chosewood: Occupational Health Programs and Medical Surveillance
  8. Corrigan-Curay: Human Gene Transfer, Protocols and Vaccine Exemptions
  9. Crise: Assessing the Risks of Viral Vector Protocols
  10. Endy: Synthetic Biology: Enhancing Biosafety and Biosecurity at the Community Level
  11. Finucane: Integrating your IBC and your IRB
  12. Friedmann: Trends in Human Gene Transfer Research
  13. Frothingham: IBC Review of Dual Use Research Proposals
  14. Gilman-Duane: Biosafety In Industry
  15. Harris: Animal Research and the NIH Guidelines
  16. Huang: Viral Vector Biosafety
  17. Huang: Using Recombinant DNA Safely in Animals
  18. Imperiale: The National Science Advisory Board of Biosecurity (NSABB)
  19. Isaac: Overview of Select Agent Regulations
  20. Kanabrocki: Biosafety Training for High Containment Researchers
  21. Keierleber: The Scripps Research Institute - How a Not-For-Profit Runs its IBC
  22. Linden: The Trans-Federal Task Force on Optimizing Biosafety and Biocontainment Oversight
  23. Parker-Thornburg: Generation of Transgenic Animals - Understanding the Methods, Techniques and Biosafety Implications
  24. Peterson: Effective Institutional Biosafety Committees
  25. Shapiro: Informed Consent in Human Gene Transfer Trials: The Role of the IBC
  26. Vleck: Long-Term Follow-Up in Gene Transfer Clinical Research
  27. Weyant: Select Agent Restricted Experiments - Authorizations and Regulatory Compliance
  28. Wong: Steps Towards Integrating Your IBC and Your IACUC
  29. Wooley: An Introduction to Viral Vectors: Safety Considerations
  30. Zimmerman: Community Engagement


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