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The technology transfer process begins when you submit a confidential Invention Disclosure Form to the UMKC Office of Technology Commercialization.

The UMKC Office of Technology Commercialization helps UMKC faculty and researchers transfer university inventions to the marketplace, helping you turn your innovative ideas into products, technologies and services that can benefit society.

Transferring the right to make, use or sell a university-based innovation, however, is a lengthy process that begins with submitting a confidential invention disclosure and can end in licensing your discovery or launching a new company.

Tech Commercialization Process

However you choose to share your invention — publish, patent or commercialize — the Office of Technology Commercialization is here to help you every step of the way:

The Inventor’s Role

As the inventor, your involvement is important to the entire patent and licensing process.

The extent to which you are involved varies according to the nature of the invention and your availability and interest.

Your expertise is especially helpful in:

  • Evaluating the patentability of your discovery
  • Providing technical evaluation of previous patents and publications in your field
  • Supplying information to the patent attorney
  • Reviewing draft applications and responses to government actions
  • Identifying licensing prospects
  • Meeting with companies expressing interest and discussing the technical aspects of your discovery
Regardless of the level of your involvement, we will keep you informed of the evaluation process and any actions taken. We consider and value your input as we make the final decisions about the university's protection and licensing of the invention.