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Submit an Invention Disclosure

The technology transfer process begins when you submit a confidential Invention Disclosure Form to UMKC's Office of Technology Commercialization.

The disclosure will describe your invention, the people involved, any sponsors of your research, prior publications or public descriptions of the invention, commercial contacts, and any potential conflicts of interest you may have with commercial contacts. The information you provide will allow us to determine the commercial potential of your discovery and what legal protections, if any, are needed.

  • To complete and Invention Disclosure Form please contact Eric Anderson to discuss invention, copyright, or mobile application. 

If you are not sure whether your discovery qualifies as an invention, if the university has rights to your discovery, if it’s patentable, or what its commercial applications may be, contact the Office of Technology Commercialization.

Talk to the Office of Technology Commercialization Early

Once you publish, or publicly disclose, your discovery, you lose foreign patent rights and have just one year to file a patent in the United States.

However, seeking a patent does not preclude publication of research results, and, in most cases, does not delay publishing. To retain the potential for foreign patents, a U.S. patent application must be filed before any description of the invention is publicly disclosed.

Next Step: Evaluation

The disclosure evaluation process may take anywhere from a week to three months, and possibly longer, depending on the complexity of the invention and the target industry.

Disclosure Forms

     To complete an Invention Disclosure Form please download the forms below and you may contact Eric Anderson to discuss invention, copyright, or mobile application.

Copyright Disclosure Form (Doc)

Invention Disclosure Form (Doc)

Mobile App Disclosure Form (Doc)

Software Disclosure Form (Doc)