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Research Services

Committee Training Requirements

As a UMKC faculty, student or staff member involved in the conduct of research, you may be required or requested to take compliance training for a variety of reasons (e.g., federal requirements) and on a variety of topics, such as:

  • Subject/Animal protection (e.g., human subjects protections, animal handling, etc.)
  • Research safety (e.g., working with blood-borne pathogens, radiation, biohazards, etc.) 
  • Responsible conduct of research (e.g., authorship, mentoring, conflicts of interest, data collection & dissemination, etc.)

To Register with CITI and affiliate with UMKC

CITI Program

  1. Click Register
  2. Select your Organization
    • University of Missouri - Kansas City
      • Complete the requested information
  3. Once Registration is complete and you are on the CITI Homepage showing University of Missouri – Kansas City Courses scroll to the bottom to “Add a Course”
  4. From there you will be able to select any of the courses under the UMKC membership

Basic Requirements

(More courses may be necessary based upon your research.  Additional information can be found on each committees page)


  • Group 2 - Researchers (Working with the IACUC)
  • Working with mice in a research setting
  • Working with Rats in a research setting
  • Working with Rabbits in a research setting


  • Basic Introduction to Biosafety
  • Training for Investigators, Staff and Students Handling Biohazards


  • Group 1 - Biomedical Investigator (UMKC and TMC)
  • Group 2 - Social and Behavioral Investigator

GCP Training

The NIH recently announced new GCP training expectations that must be met. The new policy requires basic GCP training and refresher GCP training every three years. The policy can be found at here.

UMKC has determined that all UMKC investigators and staff involved in clinical trials, regardless of funding source, will be required to meet the new GCP training requirements.  The UMKC Principal Investigator of a clinical trial is responsible for ensuring that GCP training has been taken by staff supporting the clinical trial. 

*This will be implemented with all new submissions in the same manner IRB training is.
*For existing projects- Please implement training for all personnel listed on the existing IRB application as soon as possible. 

For training information please go to the CITI IRB training site (choose Log in through my Institution to log in with your SSO).

If you have questions or need further assistance with this new GCP training requirement, please contact the IRB at (816) 235-5927 or

  • Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) online GCP training courses found at CITI
    •  GCP – Social and Behavioral Research Best Practices for Clinical Research (ID: 190017)
    • Good Clinical Practice Course (US FDA focus) (ID: 67399)
    • GCP Course for Clinical Trials Involving Investigational Medical Devices (international focus) (ID: 67398)
    • GCP Course for Clinical Trials Involving Investigational Drugs (international / ICH focus) (ID: 67397)

GCP training offered by Institutes within the NIH, including NIAID and NIDA.   

Other equivalent GCP training such as the Association of Clinical Research Professional’s GCP classroom training course or the Barnett Education Services GCP classroom training course. The IRB will accept other GCP training if the course covered the same topics as CITI and written documentation can be provided.