Office of
Research Services


The Research Compliance Office at UMKC is here to ensure that your research is in compliance with governmental regulations and university requirements.

Resumption of Research Operations During COVID-19 Pandemic (PDF)

Through our compliance procedures, we work to make sure you can continue to conduct your research—safely, responsibly, and ethically. Our goal is to protect you, your participants, your staff, your research, and the university as we help enable and encourage the long-standing spirit of academic exploration, collaboration, and innovation at UMKC.

To accomplish this, we share that responsibility with you and with the university’s five compliance committees.

Compliance Services

The UMKC Research Compliance Office provides the following services:

  • Help researchers navigate complex federal and state compliance regulations
  • Review and manage conflicts of interest to ensure the researcher’s personal interests do not influence their primary obligations to science, university, colleagues, students, and sponsors
  • Provide for the humane care and use of all animals in research and teaching
  • Oversee research protection as it relates to human participants, recombinant DNA, and biohazardous materials
  • Provide oversight to research investigators and serve as liaisons to the review boards and committees
  • Coordinate the radiation safety program
  • Offer education and training to faculty and staff