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Request to Rely

When collaborating with other researchers, institutions, and organizations, the UMKC IRB must determine whether or not UMKC is "engaged" in the research.

Human subjects research that engages an institution must either obtain local IRB review (UMKC IRB review) or the UMKC IRB may rely on the review of another IRB. In general, an institution is considered engaged in human subjects research when its employees or agents for the purposes of the research project obtain: (1) data about the subjects of the research through intervention or interaction with them; (2) identifiable private information about the subjects of the research; or (3) the informed consent of human subjects for the research.

There are two processes that may be used when UMKC researchers collaborate on a project with researchers from other institutions:

  1. Collaboration with one of the CTSA Partner Institutions (St. Luke's Hospital (SLH), Children's Mercy Hospital (CMH), Kansas City University (KCUMB), the University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC).
  2. Collaboration with a non-CTSA Partner Institution.

CTSA Partner Requirements

  1. Complete a Request to Rely Form
    1. Only one RTR needs to be completed per project
    2. Each subsequent researcher needing to be added to the project must complete the addendum.
  2. Be current on CITI Training
    1. Human Subjects (within 3 years)
    2. Conflict of Interest (COI) (within 4 years)
  3. The Research Compliance Office will also confirm your COI disclosure status.

Non-CTSA Partner Institutions

If the human subjects research project qualifies under expedited review or full board review:
1. Complete an IRB authorization Agreement (PDF)
  1. If UMKC is deferring to another IRB you will submit this IAA to
  2. If another IRB is deferring to UMKC IRB review the IAA will need to be added as an attachment to the existing IRB application.  Your assigned compliance officer can help you with attaching this to your application.

If the human subjects research project qualifies under exempt determination:

  1. Complete the "Collaborative exempt notification" form in eCompliance.
    1. This form is under "Submission to IRB"
      1. IRB forms

IRB Authorization Agreement

There are situations that arise when UMKC researchers are involved in multi-site research or collaborative projects with investigators at other institutions. Such research requires IRB review by each site engaged in the research unless an IRB Authorization Agreement (IAA) is in place. An IAA is a joint review arrangement where one IRB relies upon the review of another qualified IRB to avoid duplication of effort. 

See the IAA Guidance Document (PDF) for more information regarding IAA's. 

UMKC will not agree to be the reviewing IRB in situations in which there are no reasonable means to monitor the research. Potential risks of harm to research subjects and the research site where the risks are incurred are factors in making the decision. Generally, UMKC will not agree to be the reviewing IRB for research taking place abroad.

The agreement consists of a short form that must be signed by institutional officials from both institutions. (UMKC's institutional official is the Vice-Chancellor for Research.)  It may take several weeks to obtain the necessary signatures and send the agreements back and forth.

IRB Authorization Agreements are not intended for use when collaborators are engaged in exempt research. If all research activities qualify for exemption, researchers will have to secure approval from their home institutions.