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Radiation Safety Committee (RSC)

The Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) is responsible for establishing policy and guidelines to safeguard personnel, property and the community-at-large from exposure to hazardous radiations.
The RSC establishes policies that ensure compliance with the applicable federal, state, and University regulations and provides overall guidance for the radiation safety program.

The RSC performs the following principle functions:

1. Advise the Chancellor, Radiation Safety Officer (RSO), and UMKCs Department of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) on matters relating to radiation safety from all hazardous radiation sources.
2. Review the performance of the RSO to maintain adequate control of radiation risks and make recommendations to the Chancellor on the continued maintenance of these activities.
3. Develop and implement the general policy for conduct of experiments or other uses of radiation sources as these uses relate to risk of hazardous exposure to personnel, to property or to the residents of the community in which UMKC conducts its programs.
4. The RSC is required by Federal regulations and license conditions to maintain oversight operations involving radioactive materials and to perform an annual audit of the radiation safety program at UMKC.

RSC members are appointed by the Chancellor and represent members of the UMKC community with vested interests in the appropriate use of radiation sources in research, development, student instruction and instrument calibration.

Contact the RSC

The Radiation Safety Committee meets semiannually with matters of concern being brought to the committee through contacting the Radiation Safety Officer or the RSC Chair.

Radiation Safety Officer

Mary Donahue


RSC Chair

David Van Horn, Ph.D.


RSC Compliance Officer