Office of
Research Services


Who is required to report?

All faculty and exempt staff are required to report annually, as changes occur, and as new interests arise.  All consulting, teaching, and overlapping business activities must be reported prior to engaging in the activity. The chair/supervisor and dean/director must approve and when applicable the activity must be managed.

Are employees with less than a 1.0 FTE required to report?

 Yes, if the employee meets the criteria of an exempt employee or faculty.

Are graduate students required to report?

If the student is being paid by the institution and meets the criteria of an exempt employee or if the student is listed an ‘investigator’ on a National Institutes of Health (NIH), or National Science Foundation (NSF) award (see below for more information).

Who is an Investigator for any Public Health Services (PHS) such as NIH, AHRQ, or National Science Foundation (NSF) awards?

Investigators are responsible for the design, conduct and reporting of the award. Investigators typically have designated effort (this may be with or without compensation towards their university role), a bio-sketch is included in the proposal submission, and are listed under key personnel. The PI of the award is responsible for determining who rises to the level of an investigator. These may be collaborators or consultants. Please see the PHS FAQs for further information.

If I am an investigator on an IRB project am I also an investigator on a PHS/NSF award?

Not necessarily. The term investigator or key personnel is used differently for the IRB than the federal regulations. Please follow the IRB guidance when listing investigators or key personnel on the IRB application. Investigators on an award must have a current disclosure on file in eCompliance prior to the proposal being submitted.  

What is required to be reported?

Employment, consulting or other professional service both paid and unpaid that is not part of the employee’s responsibilities but uses the expertise for which the employee was hired.
A financial interest with an entity that is doing business with the University.
A financial interest with an entity that is acquiring rights to university owned intellectual property.
If the employee’s duties include research, any financial interest in any business related to the employees universities responsibilities.
Any activity construed as relating to, overlapping with or competing with the university.
See 330.015 for more information.

Am I required to report sponsored travel or Honoria?

If you are an investigator on a PHS/NSF award and receive travel that is:
Paid to you and not to the university
Not from a federal, state or local government agency
Not from a (domestic) institution of higher education as defined by 20 U.S.C.101 (a)

You are required to report the sponsored travel and any Honoria.

Am I required to report honorary appointments at other institutions?


Am I required to report a membership to my professional organization?

No, unless you are serving on a board or if the organization is doing business with the university and you have the ability to influence any contracts between the organization and the university.

I have a company but it is not currently conducting any business. Am I required to report it?

Yes, if the business was created to use your expertise relating to your university responsibilities.

I am wanting to consult, teach or start a new outside activity. Can I start and report afterwards?

No. The CRR states: Before an employee consults, teaches, or enters into a business activity which relates to, overlaps with or competes with the University's teaching, research, service, or economic development missions, the Employee shall make a full disclosure, in writing. The chairperson/supervisor and dean/director/supervisor must approve or disapprove in writing the proposed activity and such activity must be managed.

I am serving on a grant review panel. Is this reportable?

If the grant review panel is a federal funding agency, it is considered part of your role at the institution and would not be reportable.  If the agency is not a federal agency, it is reportable for consideration by the supervisor/chair and dean/director for conflict of commitment.

Do I need to report my grant which is paying part of my salary?

No. The grant is submitted through the Office of Sponsored Programs and is considered internal.

I am working with another institution and the university has an agreement in place with the organization.  Are my activities reportable?

It depends. If all of the work you are conducting falls under the agreement, the activity is internal. If you are doing any extra activities, such as teaching or consulting in addition to the agreement, the extra activities are reportable.