Office of
Research Services


Administrators in OSP manage post-award accounting for grants and contracts. Duties include invoicing, monitoring account compliance, and preparing financial reports (i.e., Quarterly and Final Reports, Patent Reports, Property Reports, Final Release, etc.)  Copies of all required technical reports, per the terms and conditions of the award, must be submitted to the sponsor and OSP by the date specified in the award agreement.

Post-Award Activities

  • Modify budgets and/or period of performance upon approval
  • Enter delegation of authority in the PeopleSoft System
  • Enter shared credit in PeopleSoft System
  • Invoice and report award expenditures
  • Monitor and report cost share requirements
  • Monitor expenditures and awards for compliance
  • Monitor capital equipment
  • Monitor and approve cost transfers (i.e., payroll correcting entries and cost transfers beyond 60 days)
  • Submit final expenditure reports and/or non-technical reports as required
  • Maintain correspondence related to projects in the official grant/project file
  • Monitor and process subcontract payments in accordance with the terms and conditions of the subcontract

Fixed Price Residual Balance Transfer Form

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