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PeopleSoft Signature Pages

Requesting a PeopleSoft page is the first step in UMKC’s grant application process—and it’s a requirement for every new or transferring proposal that needs a university signature.

PeopleSoft is the university tool to manage and track your research and service projects throughout the life of a grant—from application to closeout.

How to Request a PeopleSoft Signature Page

Many departments’ fiscal officers create PeopleSoft pages for their researchers. If you need PeopleSoft pages created, please contact:

Bloch School                                             Chi Johnson
Computer Science and Engineering             Lora Owens

Dental School                                            Kimberly Kirschenbaum

Education                                                  Karen King

Institute for Human Development                Christina Hileman

Medicine                                                   Office of Research Administration

Nursing                                                     Erin Liljequist

Pharmacy                                                  Erin Liljequist
If your department was not listed, follow the steps below to submit your request to us:

  1. The principal investigator (PI) or assignee logs in to make the request.
  2. Provide the information requested, which includes:
    • contact information
    • proposal information (title, abstract, keywords)
    • percent effort for PI and key personnel
    • a link to the RFP, if available
    • proposal due date
    • sponsor and subdirectorate
    • research compliance, if applicable
    • departmental ID number (check with Fiscal Officer for correct sponsored project deptID
  3. Upload your proposal budget when prompted. We can’t process proposals until we receive budget information.
  4. Upload your agency guidelines or Request for Proposal (RFP) or a link to them.
  5. Once the PeopleSoft pages are created, your Grants and Contracts Administrator will initiate the Electronic Approval process.  You, your co-PIs and other key personnel, plus the appropriate chairs and deans will receive an email with a link to the proposal number and a link to My EA Queue.  
  6. Click on either link and use your SSO User ID to log into PeopleSoft. PIs, Chairs, and Deans need to have the approvals in place no less than 5 business days before your sponsor's deadline.  Instructions for how to access the Electronic Approval can be found here
  7. Submit your full proposal to ORS no less than 3 business days before your sponsor’s deadline, in the condition required by your sponsor. If applicable, submit your subcontractor letters of intent, budgets, scopes of work and financial disclosures.  The submission policy regarding the last two requirements can be found here.
  8. Signed PeopleSoft Signature pages expire 60 days after they are received in ORS.

Submit Request

Navigating Through PeopleSoft Pages

Initiate PeopleSoft Pages

In order to get an account set up in PeopleSoft, a proposal must be entered at the Proposal stage.  Faculty will need to work with their departmental research administrators or Pre-Award administrators to get the pages created.


Entry Delegate

An entry delegate is an inividual authorized to create and modify travel authorizations, cash advances, and expense reports.  

Electronic Approval

Once PeopleSoft pages are created, electronic approval must be provided by the key personnel on the project, each key personnel's respective chair and dean, the Grants and Contracts Administrator, and the Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development. The creator of the pages will initiate the approval process and all parties will have access to approve their PeopleSoft pages at the same time.  If you have difficulty with the approval process, an instruction manual can be found here: Grants Electonic Approval Changes (PDF).

If there is a problem with the names that populate the approval section or a lack of names, or you have a new department or node to set up, please contact Lee Braden, Pre Award Manager at 816-235-1315 or
For questions about the entire Pre Award PeopleSoft process, faculty can contact their Pre Award Grants and Contracts Administrator


Frequently Asked Questions about PeopleSoft Pages

1. Who needs to sign PeopleSoft Signature Pages?

Faculty who are named as Principal Investigator (PI), co-PI, co-Investigator, or Key Personnel are expected to sign the pages. The respective Chairs and Deans are also expected to sign prior to submitting the pages to the Pre Award office.

2. I'm working with a co-PI in another school. Do they have to see the PeopleSoft Pages, as well?

Yes, any proposal that involves multiple schools must have signatures from the Chairs and Deans of all the schools represented in the proposal. Fiscal Officers of all the schools involved should be consulted when developing the budget, or at a minimum, made aware of the proposals so they have a chance to review their portion of the budget prior to the submission of the proposal to the sponsor.

3. I am working with a faculty member in another school but they are not a co-PI or a co-Investigator. What role do I give them in PeopleSoft?

Using the PeopleSoft term "Key Personnel" will cause signature lines to be generated for those participants in a grant funded project.

4. I am not asking for Salary in my project budget. Is there anything I need to do internally about this?

While we expect that all the expenses related to a grant project be included in the sponsor's budget, there can be legitimate reasons why they are not. For example, faculty who's salary is over the NIH salary cap still need to be reflected in a cost sharing budget so that the appropriate documentation of effort occurs. The creation of a cost share budget is required in this instance. The cost shared expenses are entered into the budget portion of the PeopleSoft Pages. If your fiscal officer is uncertain how to do this, they can contact the Pre Award office for assistance with this.

5. I have an sponsor's Face Page to be signed. What do I need to submit to get this done?

Before a face page can be signed, we should get the entire proposal, in the condition required by the sponsor. That means if it is an electronic submission, we should get the electronic proposal packet, ready to submit. If it is a paper submission, we should get the proposal ready to print and sign. PeopleSoft pages should have been received 5 business days prior to the sponsor's deadline. The proposal should have been received 3 business days prior to the sponsor's deadline.

6. I have continuous submitting privileges at NIH. I submitted my PeopleSoft pages for signature for my R01 deadline of February 5th but I am not going to submit my proposal to NIH until May. Is that acceptable?

Since signed PeopleSoft pages are only valid for 60 days, it would be best to submit your signed pages closer to the May date when you are going to submit the proposal. Remember that the 5 business day rule for receipt of signed pages still applies, along with the 2 business day rule for receipt of the application, ready to submit.

7. The budget of my proposal has changed between the time I got my PeopleSoft pages created and the time I am going to submit my proposal. Do I need new PeopleSoft pages and new signatures?

If the total budget has changed by 10% or more, or you have added cost sharing, or added a subcontract, we need new PeopleSoft pages and new signatures. If the budget changed by less than 10%, we only need revised PeopleSoft pages but not new signatures.