Office of
Research Services

Proposals and Grants

The Office of Research Services is ready to help you with your grant application and proposal development.

Let us know of your upcoming proposal submission and any special considerations well in advance of your proposal deadline, so we can best leverage our resources and expertise to assist you. 

Proposals requiring special considerations:

Let us know of your upcoming proposal submission and any special considerations well in advance of your proposal deadline, so we can best leverage our resources and expertise to assist you.

UMKC Grant Application Process

We encourage you to contact Pre-Award Services early in the grant application process. In addition to helping you prepare your proposals and budget, the Office of Research Services (ORS) also oversees the fiscal management of your grant.

  1. Use the funding databases to find a funding opportunity.
  2. Develop your proposal and budget according to sponsor and UMKC guidelines.
  3. Complete the sponsor application forms according to the guidelines specified.
  4. Request a PeopleSoft Signature Page
    • If your fiscal officer does not create your PeopleSoft Signature page, we can do that for you.
  5. Obtain all applicable investigator, department, and division signatures on the PeopleSoft Page.
  6. Complete a financial disclosure for each investigator.
  7. The following items are to be in the ORS office no less than 5 business days prior to the submission date:
    • PeopleSoft page
    • Financial conflict of interest disclosure forms
    • Proposal abstract
    • Detailed budget
    • Budget justification
    • Subcontractor letter of intent, budget and scope of work
    • Sponsor's requirements (RFP, solicitation, etc.) 
    • Request for Reduction or Waiver of Indirect Costs (Doc) (if applicable)

 8.  The full proposal, ready to be submitted, is required to be in our office no less than three business days prior to the sponsor's deadline. The full Proposal Submission Policy can be found here.

Proposals with multiyear PeopleSoft pages do not require additional PeopleSoft pages for noncompetitive years. New time, new money or both do require new PeopleSoft pages.

The original proposal, if printed, is returned to the faculty member for delivery to the sponsor. ORS submits electronic proposals to the sponsor on behalf of the PI.

Additionally, prior to submission for all federal and federal flow-thru money (except Dept of Education) or other sponsors adopting the new FCOI regulations (ex. American Heart Assoc, American Lung Assoc), the following items are needed:

  1. Submit UMKC Investigator Form and CITI mini-course Curriculum Completion Report, as applicable.  
  2. Complete a list of investigators (IF Form) (PDF).
  3. Send in financial disclosure forms for each of the investigators on the list (Doc).

Preliminary Proposals and Letters of Intent

Some agencies require PIs to submit preliminary proposals before full-proposals will be accepted. Other forms may be required, depending on the grant and preliminary proposal guidelines.

Contact Pre-Award Services for assistance regarding what internal forms are required.

Restricted Proposals

Some grant programs restrict the number of proposals from any given university or institution. For example, a grant program may ask an institution to submit only one proposal for a competition or limit fellowship nominations to one or two faculty members.

Community of Science (COS) provides a listing of limited submission programs. (This link works when selected from within the UMKC computer network. Alternatively, you can log in to COS with your own username and password.)

ORS also announces limited submission programs through the Research ListServ with details about the process of competing for the limited submission opportunities. To stay on top of these opportunities, please subscribe to the Research Listserv.