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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I permitted to submit more than one poster?  

Yes, but space may be limited; if submitting more than 2 consider 48" x 48" format to reduce your total poster footprint.

Are students permitted to attend?

Absolutely, we encourage students to attend.

Are students permitted to present posters of their research?

The intent of Symposium is to provide a forum for faculty to present their research.  Students involved in the research are encouraged to attend but not to present the research in place of a faculty member. We encourage students to participate in the 2019 Health Sciences Student Research Summit (HSSRS) on April 17, 2019 at the Student Union Room 401 from 3-5pm.  Information and registration can be found at HERE.

Will non-traditional presentations (I.e. Non-poster) be accommodated?

Yes.  We will need to know as soon as possible your specific needs. Please contact Leslie Burgess by email or by phone at (816)235-1520.

Are non-tenure-track faculty invited to attend and present their research?


Will a map of the poster layout with locations of specific posters be provided?

Yes, this will be provided at the event.

Will poster mounting materials and hardware be provided?

Yes, all you need to bring is (are) your poster(s).

Will there be a hardcopy program for the events of the day?

Yes, this will be provided on the day of the event. 

When can I set my poster up?

 Room 401 will be available for poster set-up after 10am the day of the event.

Where is the closest parking?

Ample parking is located in the Cherry Street Parking Structure.