Research & Economic Development

Office of the Vice Chancellor

Establish Your Account

Once the agreement is accepted / fully executed, ORS’s Post-Award Office will establish an account against which the principal investigator can charge project-related expenditures.

If you are anticipating an award:

Request a pre-award account

We can establish a university account in advance of a fully executed agreement if your department, school, or center chooses to underwrite the account. Establishing this kind of pre-award account ensures that expenditures are charged to the correct account right away, eliminating the need for subsequent expense transfers.

Because your department, school, or center is responsible for expenditures should the project not be funded, you’ll only want to submit a request for a pre-award account when:

  • funding is relatively certain
  • you would be making the expenditures regardless of the grant award
  • your department/school/center has sufficient reserves to cover the overdraft of the account if the award is not forthcoming

Items needed

  1. Complete a Pre-Award Request Form, signed by your dean or the dean’s representative.
  2. Send the signed form to Linda Daugherty at ORS’s Pre-Award Office.
  3. If you haven't already, include a copy of your grant proposal and your PeopleSoft Signature page

ORS notify you when we’ve set up your pre-award account; however, we will not fully process the account until the award and a fully executed agreement are received. Please note that subcontracts will only be created after the award has been received.

Know your fiduciary responsibility

While ORS will monitor project expenses through the life of your research project, it is the PI’s fiduciary responsibility to ensure project funds are spent appropriately.

Know the terms and conditions of your award and what costs are—and are not—allowable. Some projects, for example, don’t allow purchases of any items that are not included in the original proposal budget.