Office of
Research Services

COVID-19 and Research with Animals

The Lab Animal Research Core (LARC) husbandry and veterinary staff are considered essential employees, and daily animal care will continue in the event the university implements reduced or suspended operations up to and including limited access of individuals on campus.

Our efforts during any limited operation or access scenario will be restricted to husbandry and veterinary care of the animal colonies. Transportation of animals will not occur during campus shutdown or limited access periods. The LARC may modify cage/enclosure change frequency and other husbandry procedures that are deemed non-essential to support animal health as determined by LARC leadership. We are working with our vendors to ensure a sufficient inventory of supplies in case receiving supplies becomes more difficult. Regarding supply inventory, please consider having minimal personnel enter facilities in the foreseeable future so we can conserve personal protective equipment (PPE). The LARC is happy to give you updates on your colony if you choose to not enter or are unable to enter the vivarium. If the university decides to limit individuals on campus, then no new animal studies are to be initiated during this period.

While LARC care staff and veterinary staff will provide the daily care for animals, they will not be able to perform research tasks or procedures on the animals. Currently, we ask that you please consider delaying new animal studies that might be interrupted by a limited-access decision. The LARC is working closely with the university and the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) to ensure the safety of individuals and the welfare of animal colonies at UMKC.

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