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Research Services

IBC Training Requirements

General biosafety training is required by all individuals conducting research involving recombinant DNA and other biohazardous materials.

The NIH Guidelines (PDF) state that it is the responsibility of the institution "to ensure appropriate training for ... Principal Investigators and laboratory staff regarding safety and implementation of the NIH Guidelines" (Section IV-B-1-h).

CITI Training Program

New and three-year renewal protocols are subject to CITI training requirements, specified in the IBC Application. Completing this training is necessary to request authorization for research requiring recombinant methodologies or infectious agents or procedures that require biosafety level precautions and containment at level 2 or above 1 (BSL-2 or BSL-3).

BSO Audit and Training Responsibilities

The Biosafety Officer (BSO) can provide one-on-one training upon request.

Training Resources

Audit Checklists

The following audit checklists are in use at UMKC: