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IACUC Review

IACUC Application 

Initial (doc)

Annual Continuation Form (PDF)

Three Year Renewal (doc)

Minor Amendment Form (PDF)

  1. Complete the IACUC application (for initial or 3 year renewal application) or the Annual Continuation Form   
  2. Email your application to

Lay Summary: Please be sure to use non-technical language in the lay summary portion of your protocol. The tool, below, can help determine the reading level of the text:


Animals and Biohazardous Materials

If you are using Hazardous Materials in Animal Research you must complete the appropriate Hazardous Materials SOP and attach it to your application.

Use of biohazardous materials, toxins or recombinant DNA in animals requires approval by the Institutional Biosafety Committee ( 

Animals and Radioactive Materials

Use of radioactive materials in animals requires approval by the Radiation Safety Committee

If the proposed amendment includes any of the following please submit the Minor amendment form:

  1. Project Title or Funding Source
  2. Animal Genetic Background or Strain
  3. Number of Covered Species (Rats, mice, fish)
  4. Change in Location of Procedures Already Approved in this Protocol
  5. Minor Change in experimental protocol as it relates to timing, dose, route of administration and/or specific chemical composition
  6. Change in Personnel (Additions and deletions)
  7. Change in Disposition of Animal/Carcasses at End of Project
  8. Change in Anesthesia, analgesia, sedation, experimental substance
  9. Change in AVMA approved Euthanasia method (non AVMA approved methods require a major amendment)

If your proposed amendment does not qualify as a minor amendment contact the IACUC administrator to receive the most recent protocol. Track your changes and then email the protocol back to the IACUC administrator.

There are no fees for the review of the following research conducted by UMKC, Truman Medical Center (TMC), and Children’s Mercy Hospital (CMH) staff:

  • Unfunded research
  • Federally funded research
  • Foundation-funded research

Fees for Industry-Sponsored Research

Fees do apply for industry-sponsored research conducted by UMKC, TMC, and CMH staff.

The initial fee, for the life of the project, is based on the initial budget:

Budget: up to $10,000 $600
Budget: $10,001 to $15,000 $1200
Budget: $15,001 to $50,000 $1800
Budget: $50,001 and over $2400