Office of
Research Services

ORS Organizational Chart

ORS Organizational Chart Diagram

C. Mauli Agrawal, Chancellor


Lab Animal Research Center (LARC)

  • Scott Korte, Attending Vet LARC
  • Jodi Troup, Director of the LARC
    • Alvin Couts
    • Jennie Coulthard
    • Katie Bast
    • Qunicy Brown
    • Valerie Gonzalez

  • Chris Winders, Director of Research Activities
    • Elizabeth Duarte Rios, Compliance Specialist IACUC, IBC, RSC
    • Crystal Simonis, Compliance Officer IRB
    • Bailey Walton, Compliance Officer IRB
    • Melissa Hirt, Compliance Specialist II
    • Vacant, Compliance Manager Sr. IRB