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Standard Written Consent


Prospective participants, their legally authorized representative, or the parents of children who are participants are presented with a consent document on which they sign their name to document that they agree to participate in the study.  A copy is given to the participant.  The document includes the elements of informed consent required by HHS and FDA.  This form may be read to the participant or the participant's legally authorized representative; but in any event, the investigator shall give either the participant or the representative adequate opportunity to read it before it is signed.

Situations when it is used

Because obtaining a signature is the standard, written consent is used with any face-to-face research activity regardless of the study's overall risk determination in both Biomedical and Social Behavioral research.

Consent Form Templates (2018 Common Rule Compliant)

Social Behavioral Adult Participant Consent Form V 1.0
UMKC IRB Biomedical Consent Form Version 1.0
UMKC IRB TMC Barcode Consent Form Version 1.0

Child Assent (age 7-13)
Parental Permission Form

Consent Waiver Impracticable Research Guidance