Office of
Research Services

Proposal Form Assistance

The Pre-award section of the Office of Research Services is available to assist in the preparation of sponsor forms.

The following list is not exhaustive, but is meant to provide examples of common forms requested from Federal and non-Federal sponsors:

  • PHS 398
  • SF424 (R&R)
  • Required forms for a non-Federal Sponsor Application Package
  • Current and Pending
  • Face Page
  • Budget Form
  • Institutional Information Form – Typically, this is a form given to us by other universities to support a proposal that includes UMKC as a subcontractor. The form request UMKC institutional information, such as our DUNS number, Federal ID number, links to our recent audit, etc.The form is not sent to the prospective funder, but is used internally for the purpose of facilitating preparation of the subcontract.

Criteria for Obtaining Non-Technical Preparation Support

To obtain this service, the requestor must submit materials one month prior to the submission deadline in order to get the completed forms back in time. 

Steps to Initiate Non-Technical Preparation Support

The process should be initiated by contacting the ORS pre-award administrator assigned to the requestor’s department and scheduling a personal meeting or by sending an e-mail to inform the person of the requestor’s intent to request non-technical preparation support.  If a personal meeting is requested, the requestor can determine the location of the meeting.

Regardless of the method used to initiate the process, the requestor will need to do the following:

  • Identify the forms to be prepared by the ORS pre-award administrator, i.e. budget, current and pending (C&P), SF424 (R&R).
  • Identify the level of support needed, i.e. transfer of information from a Word document to the sponsor’s form, format information to conform to the sponsor’s requirement(s), etc.
  • Upload the forms.Please click the following link to upload form(s):

It is anticipated that the requestor will receive the completed document(s) within two (2) weeks of making the request.  However, the turn-around time could be extended depending on periods of heavy proposal submission deadlines.

Forms to be Created

The Pre-Award division of the Office of Research Services is prepared to assist you in develping some of the standard forms that are needed in order to submit your proposal to state and federal sponsors.

Please use the following request form to begin the process of form creation no less than 30 days prior to the date you want to submit your proposal.

Include links to examples of actual budget just, budget forms, etc.