Office of
Research Services

Submit Your Proposal

The Office of Research Services monitors the fiscal management of your project and because of that, we act as an objective party to oversee the initial direction of your proposal and budget.

Feel free to ask us question as you prepare your proposal and budget, and be sure to allow adequate time for our mandatory review process.

New or Competing Proposals

  • Review and follow the checklist of documents needed
  • Please be aware of ORS deadlines (PDF) to ensure a timely submission of your proposal

Submit the following materials to the Office of Research Services if you are developing a competing grant proposal:

Due to ORS no later than 5 business days before the sponsor deadline:

  1. PeopleSoft Signature page: Fully signed PeopleSoft pages must be received in the Pre-Award Office no later than 5 full business days before the sponsor's deadline. Any proposals received after that deadline may not be submitted.
  2. A detailed budget: A budget must be submitted to ORS with the signed PeopleSoft pages regardless of whether a detailed budget is required by the funding agency.
  3. Request for Proposal or Sponsor guidelines for how the proposal should be submitted
  4. Financial Conflict of Interest disclosures for all key personnel, including subcontracted personnel. If applicable, the Investigator Form and the CITI training certificate are required. 

Due to ORS not later than 3 business days before the sponsor deadline:

  1. Proposal: Provide a hard copy or electronic access to the completed proposal and application forms to the Pre-Award Office. If an institutional signature is required by the sponsor, the entire proposal should be submitted to our office for review before a signature can be secured. This should happen no less than 2 business days prior to the sponsor's deadline.
  2. Subcontract information, if applicable.  If a subcontract is included in your proposal, a letter of intent to subcontract, budget, and scope of work are required from the subcontractor.   

Preliminary Proposals

Preliminary, or Pre-Proposals, do not require the use of PeopleSoft pages if the sponsor will be making an invitiation to submit a full proposal.  If there are no guidelines on how the Pre-Proposal process is handled, PeopleSoft pages are required.