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Radiation Use Application

State regulations require that radiation-producing devices be registered with the State of Missouri and that registered devices are operated in accordance with state radiation safety regulations.
If your research involves radioactive materials or radioactive producing devices you must submit an application to the Radiation Safety Committee for review and approval. 

To apply for approval of possession and use:

  1. If you have questions about applying for approval contact the Radiation Safety Officer or Radiation Safety Committee Compliance Officer at or 816 235-5927 .
  2. Complete the appropriate forms as identified in the table below.
  3. Submit the application request to the RSO for safety review and presentation to the RSC.
Applications and Forms
Applications RadioActive Materials (RAM) Radiation Producing Devices (RPD)
Instructions to complete the RSC Application
Instructions Instructions
Application for Possesion and Use of Radiation Sources
RadSafe 1a RadSafe 1b
Authorized User (AU) Statement of Training and Experience

Complete the appropriate AU Statement of Training and Experience (RadSafe 2a or RadSafe 2b for the Authorized User (the person requesting the permit).

RadSafe 2a RadSafe 2b
Radiation Worker Statement of Training and Experience

Complete the appropriate Radiation Worker Statetment of Training and Experience (RadSafe 3a or RadSafe 3b) for each person working on the requested permitwho will not be the permit holder.

RadSafe 3a
Worker Exposure History

Complete the Worker Exposure History form (RadSafe4) for each person working on the requested permit

RadSafe 4 RadSafe 4
Procurement Credit Card Information

For RadioActive Materials, complete one Procurement Credit Card Information form (RadSafe 5).

RadSafe 5
Contact the RSO to determine if an amendment to your AU permit is required
RadSafe 6a RadSafe 6a

Your AU Permit is generally issued for 3 years. The RSC Compliance Officer will contact you with instructions for renewing, amending or terminating your AU Permit before your permit expires. 

Research using radioactive materials in animals or humans requires approval by the IACUC or IRB and the RSC before the research may begin.