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Research Services

RSC Training Requirements

The training steps for radioactive materials radiation workers and Radioactive Materials Authorized Users (AU - an investigator who holds a permit to use radioactive materials on UMKC's US Nuclear Regulatory Commission license) are as follows:

Radioactive Materials Permit Holder (RAM AU) UMKC documentation and training requirements:

  • Complete Form RadSafe 1A (ensure dept. head signs) and RadSafe 5 (indicate “self” in “worker” signature block, and sign as AU.)
  • Successfully complete on-line computer training  (contact RSO for access to training website)
  • Attend a Lab/Demo session (contact EHS/DRS for schedule)
  • Successfully complete lab setup and commissioning process, including demonstration of specific radiation safety features in lab with the Radiation Worker Observation activity.


Radioactive Materials Radiation Worker (RAM Rad Worker) UMKC documentation and training requirements:

  • Complete Radiation Worker application form RadSafe 5
    • AU must sign as well as worker
  • Successfully complete on-line computer training
    • Special approval can be granted, IF AU agrees, to sign  for packages
  •  Attend a Lab/Demo session
  • Successfully Complete Radiation Worker Observation
    • Can work with radioactive materials in specific experiment in AU’s location(s) of use        

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Radiation Safety Office